Medical consultation and treatment.

We are pioneers in the field of telemedicine and have many years of experience in telemedicine consultation and the treatment of our patients. Thanks to our competent team of providers, there is always someone available for all your health questions.

Why choose us ?

High Quality

All our specialists are specially trained for telemedicine work and observe our tried and tested medical guidelines. This guarantees high quality advice and treatment with telemedicine.

Personal and comprehensive treatment

Our experienced providers will advise and treat you personally via phone or video. They listen to you and respond to your particular concerns. In about half of all cases, our providers can provide complete treatment for you on the phone or video.

Accessible Healthcare, Anytime , Anywhere

My solution home Virtual Care is here to provide convenient and uncomplicated healthcare for all ages from the comfort of your couch.

  • Start your visit right from your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Our care team provides timely, expert medical care for all ages.
  • Visits are convenient, private and secure.
  • Affordable, simple care¬†with most insurances accepted.